ACH Admin Support

Bookkeeper and virtual assistant

Terms & Conditions


Ø          ACH Admin Support will require a signed booking form before undertaking any project.

Ø      If your original requirements alter, ACH Admin Support reserve the right to amend any previous quotation, after consultation.

Ø      Payments is to be made by cheque to ACH Admin Support, payable in full 14 days following the invoice date.  Should a cheque be returned by the bank, then the client is responsible for any bank charges incurred.

Ø      With exception of the registration of a new client, any time undertaken for the client, including liasion, by telephone, fax e-mail, or at the clients premises, will be subject to the appropriate hourly rate.

Ø      For any work estimated at over £50.00 ACH Admin Support reserve the right to request a 50% payment prior to undertaking the project.

Ø      For all new clients ACH Admin support, reserve the right to request the full quoted amount, prior to undertaking the project.

Ø      ACH Admin Support is not responsible for the end use of any document produced or edited us.  Clients are solely responsible for its appropriate use.  I reserve the right to return, or refuse to undertake any work, which involves material I believe to be illegal or immoral.

Ø      Due to computer viruses, all incoming e-mails will be scanned.  However I will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails, or e-mails that look suspicious, or contain no subject headings, or contain no message with the attachment.

Ø      Final responsibility of the proof reading and checking all the work supplied lies with the client.  In the unlikely event that you find any errors within 7 days of receipt of the completed works, then amendments and alterations, will be rectified free of charge. 

Ø      For insurance and safety reasons, personal visits to ACH Admin Support cannot be permitted.

Ø      Back up copies of clients files will be kept for one year and then deleted.